Transactional Analysis


An easily understandable yet sophisticated psychological theory about people's thinking, feelings and behavior and,

A contemporary and effective system of psychotherapy, education, organizational and socio-cultural analysis and social psychiatry.


Transactional Analysis (TA) is a well proven aide to communication and teamwork and many organizations have benefited from its implementation.


TA is also a powerful tool for managing change and dealing with negativity and conflict in the workplace.


This 2 day course outlines the basic principles and skills of Transactional Analysis and how to apply them in day to day work situations.


Course Objective:


It covers an internationally agreed syllabus including the full range of TA concepts and shows how these can be applied in social, family, educational and organizational settings. Participants will learn the key concepts of TA and how to apply them in their personal and professional lives to develop: 

  • - Communication skills for healthy relationships
  • - Motivation skills to support individual and group aspirations
  • - Emotional intelligence to enrich all aspects of life
  • - Assertiveness skills for leadership that empowers
  • - Stress management skills and setting boundaries to manage self
  • - Time management skills to optimize working together in groups and teams
  • - Problem solving skills to promote peaceful decision-making


TA Courses:

TA Workshop (2 Days): Rs. 9,000/-


Bank Details:

Bank: HDFC
A/C Type: Current
A/C No: 50200011016454
IFSC Code: HDFC0000622




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