Image Enhancement

ABC of Personal Style

A – Appearance; B – Behavior; C – Communication

A full package, which includes:

- Creating a Powerful First Impression
- Dressing for your Body Shape
- Accessorizing for your Face Shape
- Work-Life Balance
- Effective Communication
- Tips on Smart Shopping & Closet Reorganization

Dress for Success

This session enables the client to get an edge in the professional and social environments. Looking the role you play or going to play, is one of the most important skills. Appropriate dressing is all about understanding the messages that need to be sent keeping in mind your roles, goals and occasions. This will help you use the Image Scale and communicate the language of clothes.

Dress for your Shape

Look the best whatever be your body shape! Understand your body shape and learn to manage the body variations by countering and repeating techniques. During the session we will evaluate your body shape and give you recommendations on dressing accordingly.

Campus to Corporate

From writing your résumé, to dress code, body language, and etiquettes during an interview or handling the Group Discussion, we give you the whole package. Also included in this package are tips on work-life balance & corporate etiquettes.


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